Did Adolph Hitler have syphilis?

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1 Answer

At some point an attempt was made to remove one of his testicles to treat the disease. Anger and resentment at having the disease and the perception of a destroyed sex life with women; and a certain early, disfiguring death; set him on a dangerous unsmiling course to, in his mind, destroy the scourge and its perceived causes. Whole chapters in his later biograpy were devoted to the destruction of the disease and of the groups he believed caused the infection. His personal physician Dr. Theo Morell was an expert in the treatment of syphilis and tried many different approaches to the spectrum of strange symptoms exhibited by his patient. Facial lesions can be seen in some early photographs, and no photos exist of the German leader in bathing suit attire revealing bodily skin. In later years; the tertiary stage of syphilis set in causing insanity. With the advent of penicillin; the bacterial scourge became treatable. There is speculation that the angry swastika on red was symbolic of a ... more
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