Did Alan Jackson have an affair with Faith Hill?

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I just heard about this recently too. Stacey Brooks, who works the Dave Pratt show at KMLE 107.9 in Phoenix mentioned this on air a few weeks ago. At the time that this all supposedly went down, it was apparently pretty common knowlege with those connected in Nashville. Alan Jackson has been upfront in admitting he was unfaithful to his wife and Denise Jackson doesn't name names in the book she's releasing but apparently she leaves some clues. It is also alleged that she named Faith in legal proceedings when she and Alan were on the verge of divorce. At the time of the alleged affair, Faith was married or in the process of divorcing her first husband, Dan Hill. Denise Jackson supposedly found out about everything well after the fact. Here is the official non-answer from USA Today back in Feb 2005. It's very strange how specifically the question wasn't answered: Rochester, MN: Hi Karen! A couple co-workers are having a discussion---does anyone know any celebrity gossip on Faith H more
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