Did Christianity really come from Mithraism?

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No, Mithras was not born of a Virgin, Mithras was born out of a rock - Mithras emerges fully grown and naked except for a Phrygian cap, and he is holding a dagger and a torch. In some variations, flames shoot out from the rock or he is holding a globe in his hand. So, his birth is NOTHING like that of Jesus'. Mithras - in a cave like environment, Jesus is never described having been born in a cave. Mithras on December 25, well, hate to burst your bubble, but Jesus was NOT born on December 25. He was born sometime in late Sept. Yes, there is a reasoning from the bible for this dating. Constantine is the one who enacted the Dec 25 celebration for Jesus' birthday. Now HE did probably do this based on his Pagan background. Alas, the Catholic Church made him a saint..... Mithras was not a teacher, he was known as a god, no twelve disciples either. Mithras did NOT sacrifice himself, he killed a bull. There is NO TEXTUAL evidence, nothing on monuments, nothing that would indicate that ... more
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