Did Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) write a book known as Diagramma veritatis (Diagram of Truth)?

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Introvigne : No. In the movie, Langdon enters the Vatican Secret Archives, where inter alia the documents of the Galileo trial are kept. Are these documents really secret? Introvigne : The name “Vatican Secret Archives” is somewhat misleading. It is the historical name of the Vatican Archives but, at least from the end of the 19th century, any scholar with credentials (Catholic or non-Catholic) has no more trouble accessing documents there than in any other major archive throughout the world. The documents of the Galileo trial have been studied by many scholars, both Catholic and non-Catholic, in the last two centuries. Rather than concealing these documents the Vatican Secret Archives themselves started publishing an annotated edition in 1984. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown is not the first bestselling novel claiming that the Illuminati were, or are, an important and powerful secret society. Is this only a novel? Introvigne : Not according to Dan Brown himself. He claims in his Web ... more
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