Did Nimrod order the building of the tower of Babel?

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1 Answer

Though not clearly stated in the Bible, Nimrod has since ancient times traditionally been interpreted to be the one who led the people to build the Tower of Babel. Since his kingdom included the towns in Shinar, it is believed likely that it was under his direction that the building began. This is the view adopted in the Targums and later texts such as the writings of Josephus. Some extrabiblical sources, however, assert to the contrary, that he left the district before the building of the tower. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nimrod_%28king%29 ---------------- Babylon or Gate of God is an ancient city close to Baghdad Iraq. The builders of the tower were in open defiance of God's commands. Nimrod built many cities including Babylon and though he was the founder he did not build them or the Tower of Babel alone. After its destruction Nebuchadnezzar ll rebuilt it. Its called a tower but archaeology
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