Did Pangaea break up into Gondwana and Laurasia or did Gondwana and Laurasia join to form Pangaea?

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Gondwana merged with the other continents to form Pangaea, then Pangaea split back into Gondwana and the other half became known as Laurasia. Gondwana (Formed 600 — Came apart 30 million years ago) Laurasia (Formed 300 — Split 60 million years ago) Pangaea (Formed 300 — Broke into Laurasia and Gondwana 180 million years ago) So, what are the fates of Gondwana and Laurasia? A. "Pangaea broke up into Gondwana and Laurasia"-you or B. "Gondwana and Laurasia joined to form Pangaea"-you or C. Answers A & B are both correct. Answer is C. Gondwana joined other continents to form Pangaea(B) which eventually split back into Gondwana and formed Laurasia(A) --------EDIT-------- I hope this is clearer, I can be confusing without hand gestures and stuff. Gondwana existed before Pangaea did but when Pangaea split apart Gondwana was one part and the other part was Laurasia. so basically Gondwana was older than Pangaea and Laurasia is younger than pangaea. When Pangaea was created Gondwana and other ... more
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