Did the Pharisees And Sadducees Know 'Jesus' Was The Messiah?

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1 Answer

Jews and Christians differ in their views of the Messiah. Jews who believe in the Messiah believe he will come some time in the future when certain conditions are in place. Christians generally believe that the Messiah already came about 2,000 years ago. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/messiah.html Christians often lump the Pharisees and the Sadducees together as a single group with a negative connotation. It is instructive to know who they really were. They were arch enemies of each other--sort of like some contemporary Democrats and Republicans. The Sadducees were of the Jewish power structure. They were part of the Temple Cult. They were the priests; they were Levites; some of them were Kohanim. Their name is derived from the high priest Tzadok who was reportedly the high priest in the time of King David, about a millennium before Jesus. The Temple priests
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