Difference between Plinth Area, Carpet Area, Built up area, Super Built up area with example?

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FACT FILE Carpet area, plinth area, super built-up area N.C.S. RAGHAVAN ARVIND RAGHAVAN Every property owner must know the essentials PRECIOUS SPACE: Every square foot of your house carries a price tag This new fortnightly column, by our legal experts, will bring in facts related to the legal perspectives present in the subjects dealt with. In brochures and other marketing material and legal documents relating to residential buildings and commercial complexes, we frequently come across usages such as Carpet Area, Plinth Area and Super Built-up Area. In `Factfile' this week, let us fully find out what they stand for. The term `Carpet Area' refers to the total usable area within the four walls of an apartment or a commercial space, as the case may be. In other words, it refers to the area for which a carpet can be laid if required by the owners. The term `Plinth Area' refers to the entire carpet area along with the thickness of the external walls of the apartment. It obviously includes ... more
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