Discuss about schizophrenia

Rydel Yllagella

Emotional Focused Therapy is the most successful relationship counseling so use online therapy sessions. However success is measured by a reduction in stress and conflict so it does not equal and connected and sexy relationship. Most relationship counseling lack any engagement with sex a very important part of relationships. Also, the limits of talk therapy and focus on problems can in many cases make things worse and not better. Most issues couples have are down to attachment issues, lack of ability to express or get their needs meet or boundaries being violated.

Jon Travolta

Hello. It seems to me that a regular forum is not the best place to discuss such issues. Many people who might be interested in this topic will simply bypass this issue so as not to show their personality to the public. Such issues need to be discussed without prying eyes if I may say so. If you are interested in this question, you can contact https://extendatouch.com/community/helpline/mental-health/schizophrenia. The chat is completely anonymous, and you can get answers to all your questions.