Do ATMs have cameras inside them, and if so, when do they take pictures?

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If you are performing a transaction within a bank, the area around the ATM machine(s) is monitored by at least one video camera as part of the bank's normal security operations. This provides a level of security for both the ATM user and the bank. These cameras are rarely manned, but their records are made available in the event of a crime. Video surveillance may be present on city streets and inside shopping malls, office buildings, and other buildings in which ATM machines are installed. Some ATM machines have cameras installed inside them, but this is not very common at the present time. Video cameras can be used to monitor the area in front of the machine on a continuous basis and 'snapshots' of the ATM user's face can be captured during the transaction. Pictures may also be taken of individuals who have made more than one unsuccessful attempts to access an account. A person who fails to input a correct PIN more than once or twice for a particular card within a short period of ...
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Yes some ATM machines have cameras inbuilt within themselfs for extra protection. Normal cctv cameras are always present inside the premises for continous recording for providing evidences of crime that may occur near or inside the premises.Some Hitech cameras are also used that are inbuild in such a way that if any transaction is detected as unsafe or wrong password it automatically takes the video.Also sometimes Infrared illuminator cameras or cctv cameras with ir illuminators are also used for night time vision by private banks.

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