Do breasts glow in the dark when flashlights are placed on them?

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2 Answers

If you stick flashlights under or on the sides of your breasts if you have saline implants they don't exactly glow but they do light up and cast an eerie glow like The Great Pumpkin. You will also see lots of veins as well all over your breasts. Natural breasts do not do this as much as the saline is what reflects the light and casts it all over the rest of the breast. If you do this with natural breasts it only appears the same as when you stick a flashlight up to your hand--the tissue nearest casts a reddish glow, but not the whole breast. At least in my experience. Silicone breast implants do this as well although not as bright as saline. By the way, be careful you don't burn yourself when trying this out. I used a high-power, tactical entry flashlight made by SureFire® and they get hot FAST.
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Yep, they do, especially the saline kind. If you stick flashlights under or on the sides of your breasts, they do cast an eerie glow sort of like The Great Pumpkin. The veins on your breasts show up, too. more

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