Do bugs and insects have ghosts/spirits?

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1 Answer

No, there is no ghost or spirit that can came from the insects, and the reason why, is that their mind is too insignificant, and that they are unable to from ghosts or spirits forms. The reason why human and other stronger sentient beings can become a ghost or a spirit, it is because they believe that they suppose to become either of these spiritual forms. The Buddhist teachings said it is human being's delusional mind believed they have to have a form to survived, therefore a form was created by their own mind- and this form is what most people believe and which display or recognized by most people as ghost or soul. Versus Buddhist, believe we can exist as mind only, so we have eliminated the form body. As I said, killing a bug, with its mind so slight and it has no mental power, therefore nothing can come out of it. However as a group, the bugs can cause some negative effects. What you should not be worry about is whether the ghosts or spirits of the bugs will cause you problems. ... more
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