Do Catholics worship the saints or the angels?

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1 Answer

According to Catholic teaching, any person who worships the saints or the angels is guilty of the mortal sin of idolatry. The Holy Mass, for example, is never offered to a saint, but only to God the Father through His Son in the Holy Spirit. When Catholics pray to the saints or the angels, they show great love and respect for them and ask for their powerful intercession before the one God who is alone to be worshipped. This type of devotion, which may include the rosary, litanies, and hymns, is called veneration. What is grace? Sanctifying grace is the life of the Holy Trinity dwelling within the soul, giving it supernatural life. A person who possesses this grace is truly holy, and, if they die in this state, will go to heaven. However, a person may lose this grace through mortal sin. Sacramental confession restores it. The sacraments are the primary means of gaining and increasing sanctifying grace. Actual grace is temporary divine assistance by which God helps a person to do that ... more
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