Do cell phone chargers use electricity if plugged in with no phone attached?

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1 Answer

Do other items? A: Craig, if I were you, my first call would go out to my electric company. Make sure that the charges are correct, because that's a pretty big jump, even after you factor in the air conditioner. Then, look at your usage. You're right, things that remain plugged in all the time are sucking up electricity, even when they're not in use. The best way to save money and energy is by buying a few power strips. Get one for your television/entertainment center, one for your computer and printer and one for your cell phone and other chargers. Then, you can pull just a few plugs when you leave your apartment or go to sleep, rather than running around trying to get them all. Other ideas? Buy CFL bulbs to replace the regulars. A CFL bulb uses 75 percent less energy than a regular bulb and a six-pack can save you $200 over the course of its lifetime, according to the NRDC. Check your refrigerator and other major appliances to make sure that they're Energy Star approved, which ... more
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