Do Centipedes Really Have 100 Legs?

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4 Answers

CENTIPEDES (Class Chilopoda) are fast-movi...many-jointed legs. Centipedes are highly segmented...segment. How many legs a centipede has depends on its...age. Despite their name, which stems from the...ped (foot), not many ...
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Centipedes have 34 to 354 legs. They have one pair of legs for each segment of their bodies. more
Well, their name means "hundred-footers." But there are many kinds of centipedes, and most have a lot fewer than 100 legs--around 30 or so. Some have more than 300, though! What about millipedes? Their name means "thousand-footers." No millipede has 1,000 legs, but at least one kind has as many as 750. That's pretty close! The names might not be perfect, but they're good enough. The main thing is, these creatures have a bunch of legs. And most millipedes have more than most centipedes. How do you tell the difference between the two? Millipedes have two pairs of legs for each body section. Centipedes have only one pair per section. Either way, it makes for too many shoes to tie. more

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