Do Colored Candles Burn Faster than White?

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1 Answer

This science fair is perfect for both junior high students and high school students. High school students can take this experiment a step further, while middle school students can easily do the project as described. This is a very good middle school science fair project. Remember to get your parents’ permission before lighting candles, and make sure they supervise you with a fire extinguisher nearby. The only equipment you will need for this middle school science fair project (also suitable for high school students) is: a stopwatch, a ruler, a black marker, candles of different colors, and a lighter. When selecting your candles, make sure that they are from the same brand, because different candles are made up of different types of waxes and have different dyes and wicks which may cause them to have different burning times. Before starting this middle school science fair project you need to think of a hypothesis? A hypothesis is an educated guess on what you think is going to happen. ... more
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