Do "death clubs" like in the film "Hostel" actually exist?

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Well hostel one came from this website that I saw that Harry Knowles on the website Ain’t It Cool showed me that advertised a place in Thailand where for 10,000 dollars you can walk into a room and shoot someone in the head. And it said that the person you were shooting had signed up so you could know what it feels like to kill somebody and that part of the money would go to the victim’s family. And we said, is this real? I mean there’s no way that a place like this exists, even in an underground kind of way. And then we thought, you know what? It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not, somebody still conceptualized this and made this webpage about it. The thought that someone else had thought of it was enough. I thought you know what? If someone else has thought of this I think someone is doing it. So that’s what inspired me to write the story of hostel. And I never planned on doing a sequel. Most Hollywood movies are made for 80 million dollars and we made hostel for 3.8 million. So it ... more
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