Do desert tortoises need to drink water?

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1 Answer

There are times when tortoises need a drink of water to flush out toxic accumulations in the bladder. When there is rain during the time of year that tortoises are active, March through September, wild tortoises, look for puddles. Tortoises may drink for 15 minutes or until the puddle is gone. This may be the only drink a wild tortoise gets during a year. The water is stored in the bladder and passes through the bladder wall into the tortoise's system when needed. For this reason the tortoise holds that water until there is fresh water to drink. Pet tortoises may drink at any time but particularly when it rains, upon emerging from brumation (hibernation) and just prior to brumation. See that clean, shaded, shallow water is always available. See Provide Water on page 15 of the Adoption and Care booklet. Is it true that the Clark County euthanizes unwanted tortoises? NO. The only tortoises that may be euthanized are those that show signs of Upper Respiratory Tract Disease or whose ...
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