Do donkeys need shots?

donkeys shots

• Donkeys should be vaccinated yearly or as often as indicated for Rabies, flu, Rhino, encephalitis and tetanus. Foals get a series of shots and then begin on the yearly schedule. Some areas require other vaccines in addition to the above. • How often and what feed is recommended? • A donkey should have a good, clean, quality hay, grain, mineral salt, and fresh, clean water at least twice daily. • How much do they eat? • Amounts are determined be the individual. Generally 2 – 3 flakes of hay, 1 – 2 cups of low protein grain and free choice of fresh water and salt. • Does a donkey need a barn? • Donkeys need to be able to get in a dry, draft free, well ventilated area as weather conditions demand. They need shelter from the wind, rain, snow in the winter and sun and flies in the summer. • Does a donkey need a pasture? • Donkeys need to get exercise, be able to play and run, and get sunshine and fresh air. • How old is a jennet when she is bred? • Jennets should be three years old before