Do evangelical Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter?

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1 Answer

For Christians in general, Christmas represents the birth of Christ and the fulfilment of prophecies concerning the coming of the Messiah, but there is no reliable evidence as to the exact historical date when this occurred. The 25 December was the date of various pagan festivals, including the Roman Saturnalia, feast of the winter solstice, and others linked to gods such as Mithras, the Persian god of light, and Horus, the Egyptian sun god. The date may have been adopted into the Christian calendar to point to the light-bringing nature of Christ's coming. We believe that, though the actual date has no historical authenticity as far as Christ's birth is concerned, it nevertheless offers an opportunity to present to the world the message of coming of the promised Saviour, Jesus Christ, and this is what we do in the evangelical church in Termoli. Similarly, at Easter, it is the universal significance of the events, rather than their date, which is important - in this case, the triumph ... more
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