Do Filipino guys like white girls ?

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1 Answer

That is 'some' question sweet lady. How are we any different from other men? Ofcourse we 'like' white girls. Black, asian, hispanic, etc. It does not matter. However, I think I know what you are trying to ask. To answer, I believe I may have to rephrase your question. If I may..."What does a filipino man look for in his ideal woman?" 1. Family Oriented; we are neither dependent nor independent. Co-dependence is the word that would best describe the filipinos' most basic unit of society. 2. Loyal, faithful, caring, loving; "till death do us part". Filipinos believe in the sanctity of marriage and the family as the basic most important unit of society. You must be ready to be 'a woman' and assume your role as his other half. You complete him, he completes you. This is is the reason why most Filipinos prefer Asian women, because of their fragile, dependent nature. Fear and love of God, family, respect (especially for the elders). Personally, if you just want us just because we are ...
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