Do flammable liquid storage cabinets have to be grounded?

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1 Answer

OSHA states at 1910.106(e)(6)(ii) that “Class I liquids shall not be dispensed into containers unless the nozzle and container are electrically interconnected.” The materials for OSHA’s Hazardous Materials course state that the requirement to ground flammable storage cabinets is found in NFPA 77 Recommended Practice on Static Electricity and not in any OSHA standard. Also, NFPA 33 Standard for Spray Application Using Flammable or Combustible Materials requires that metal objects in the vicinity of highly flammable liquids be grounded. Bonding and grounding of storage cabinets may also be a requirement of local or state fire codes. Can water-reactive materials be stored with flammable liquids? Both OSHA and NFPA hold that storage of water-reactive materials with flammable or combustible liquids in the same room or area constitutes an unreasonable hazard and risk. more
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