Do goats smell bad?

Goatsbad goats smell

Healthy, clean does and wethers should have a mild, natural scent that is not offensive. Unless removed during the disbudding process, all goats also have a scent pad on the top of their head, which emanates a chemical signature of sorts used for territorial marking. You may observe them rubbing their heads on objects, people, or other goats to mark them, but this pad on does and wethers usually does not emit a scent detectable by humans. Bucks are often quite pungent, especially when in rut. To attract females and to signal their territory and dominance to other males, mature bucks often urinate on their beards, faces, front legs, and objects around them, including their handlers and other bucks. For this reason, bucks usually do not make good pets. Bucks and does are breeding animals and they may be frustrated if kept as pets where they are not allowed to breed. Instead, wethers make better pets because they usually do not have the instinct to breed or to mark their territory or them