Do HDMI to 5 RCA Component cables actually work?

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1 Answer

Don't do it. These cables are pretty much a hoax. They only work for the few specialty devices out there that use the HDMI connector to send analog signals. It will 99.9% not work because of the digital to analog conversion that must take place (and therefore you need a converter box). I dont know what that other MrComputer guy is talking about but dont do it. These HDMI decoder chips are only found in converter boxes. The chips likely need external power and create heat and therefore cannot be integrated into a cable. I think what he means with the HDMI to VGA adapter is one connected to his computer. Computer graphics cards are an exception because many of them need to use a "dual option" HDMI or DVI to save space. They are one of the specialty devices capable of sending analog signals out of a normally digital cable. more
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