Do hedgehogs smell?

hedgehogs smell

Not really. Hedgies that are housed in a cage that is cleaned regularly do not give off much of a smell. When necessary, make sure to give your hedgie a bath to get rid of any odors.


They have VERY busy noses; they smell everything they can! People who have had experience with small pet rodents, or with ferrets seem to ask this question most often. Hedgehogs do not have scent glands like ferrets, and as long as their cage or pen is kept reasonably clean there is generally very little odour. Most (some?) hedgehogs can be trained to use a litter box, making the task of keeping the cage clean that much easier. Even those that don’t adapt to using a litter box will often use one area of their cage or pen for this which assists in cleaning. While hedgehogs do generally have little in the way of odour, what you feed them can affect whether or not their droppings smell. Generally the more “wet” food you feed a hedgehog, the more their droppings, and their environment, will smell, although brands and types of food can have as great an effect as just wet versus dry foods. Also, Pretty Pets hedgehog food is has been reported to result in smellier than average droppings [6.