Do hotels in London offer tour packages?


Can I choose the places I want to visit?




Tourist packages often include the airfare (if coming from overseas) and the hotel. As for the vacation packages, most hotels don’t really have tour packages available so you’ll have to inquire if they can make arrangements. You can also try looking for guesthouses or hostels that offer bed and breakfast. Sometimes, the owner of the guesthouse also offers guests with shuttle tours around the city.

The downside with that though is you can’t really choose the places you want to visit and the scope of the tour is very limited. It’s unlikely that you can go outside of London, plus, you won’t really have a hold of time. What if you want to stop at Harrods and shop? Or what if you want to dine at a restaurant overlooking the London Eye? If you want to enjoy London and even the areas outside of London, it’s better to book your own private tour at You can plan out your itinerary and discuss it with them. That way, you get to travel at your own pace, without the rush, or having to wait for other people (which is what you’d have to do in a group tour with other guests).