Do I have the original Picasso drawing "Mother and Child and Four Studies of Her Right Hand?

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The original Picasso drawing Mother and Child and Four Studies of Her Right Hand has been in the Fogg collection since 1929. Many years ago very good facsimile reproductions of the drawing were made, and these have often been confused with the original drawing. There is a nude self-portrait on the verso (back) of the drawing that does not appear on the facsimile. Because the facsimile is a photographic reproduction, like a poster, it has little commercial value. The reproductions were originally printed with a white or off-white margin around the image (although this has often been cut down to show just the image). The margin includes a printed description of the original drawing, including the artist, title, and the words "Fogg Art Museum." We receive many inquiries about this image every year. Although we cannot be sure without looking at the work itself, we can say that if your picture looks just like our drawing, it is almost certainly a reproduction. Mother and Child and Four ... more
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