Do I need a heat lamp for a baby corn snake or just a heat pad?

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1 Answer

It depends on your terrarium size and the depth of your substrate (bedding). I just used a heat pad hooked up to a rheostat for mine so it didn't get too hot. You have to be careful with heat pads because snakes can and do burn themselves on them. You can use heat lamps and they will work just fine, but for either heat source you have to make sure it's just right by either checking the gallon/wattage ratio on the bulb packaging or getting a thermostat or rheostat if you get one that's too strong so it isn't too hot for your snake. Also, put a good thermometer in your terrarium; corns like to be about 85F with 60-80% humidity, so investing in a hydrogmeter is a good idea too. Hope this helps & best of luck; corn snakes are awesome little snakes! more
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