Do I need a licence to fundraise?

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1 Answer

Yes. Fundraising licences are administrated by the State and Territory government where you are planning to run your campaign. For example, if you are based in Victoria but plan to run a telemarketing campaign that will reach donors in New South Wales, you will need to apply for the relevant licences and permits in Victoria and New South Wales. The only exception is the Northern Territory which does not have fundraising legislation. Please keep in mind you will still require a gaming licence if you would like to run a charitable gaming fundraising activity. Charitable gaming activities such as raffles, bingo, Calcuttas and lotteries fall under state gaming legislation. In addition to holding a fundraising licence, you will have to apply for a gaming licence in the state you are operating in. To find more information or to apply for a fundraising licence, you will need to contact the relevant State or Territory office. See the contact list for government bodies under the Resources ... more
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