Do I need to wear gloves when handling a (HID) Metal Halide or HPS Light Bulb?

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1 Answer

Manufacturers do not indicate that gloves are required when handling MH or HPS Bulbs. However, it is recommended that your hands be thoroughly washed prior to handling these bulbs. However you should handle MH HQI double-ended bulbs very carefully and should wear gloves. • Why do I need glass to get the UL Listing on a Metal Halide light? The inner arc tube of a Metal Halide lamp contains mercury. Underwriters Laboratory has stated that for a Metal Halide fixture to maintain its UL Listing, that an additional tempered safety lens is required in the event that the arc-tube and outer glass fail. This will prevent the spread of Mercury. • How long should I run my lights? This depends on the type of plants and whether you have natural sunlight available to your garden. As a general rule, when you are in a vegetative stage of plant growth and you have no natural sunlight, run your lights 14-18 hours a day. If you have natural sunlight, it will vary because the sunlight may or may not be ... more
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