Do Kate Spade bags have serial numbers?

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1 Answer

Kate Spade bags frequently have small tags with production numbers. However, usually when a seller mentions the serial number, they are mistaking the patent number engraved on the magnetic snap closure for a serial number. Some sellers use this to trick you into thinking the bag is authentic; some sellers are just clueless about this fact. If you believe the bag is authentic, email the seller and ask if they're talking about the number on the snap - this is the patent number for the magnetic snap mechanism - or the production number. Many fakes have patent numbers engraved on the magnetic snap! 5. Do authentic Kate Spade bags have "Kate Spade" engraved on the magnetic closure? Some of them do, and some of them don't. Both types of magnetic closures are currently in production. There is no rhyme or reason of which I am aware as to why some bags have the engraving and some do not. Just bear in mind that a bag is not fake simply because it lacks this engraving, and it is not authentic ... more
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