Do Liquid Bandages Remove Warts?

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1 Answer

Well I haven't used liquid bandages on warts. But I think it's the same principle as with using duct tape on warts. I had a small wart on my hand palm recently and I applied duct tape for about two to three weeks. The wart did disappear. It is said that the glue is what makes it go away. But for all I know it may also be the occlusion. Anyway, it worked. I just read somewhere that "the duct tape method works because it causes a reaction that sends alpha-interferon to the affected area." but: "Duct tape effectively suffocates the area which begins the process of killing the wart, then as that part of the body is suffocating, your immune system kicks into high gear and finishes it off." This would indicate that liquid bandages have no use in getting rid of warts because they are breathable. Conclusion, I don't know. more
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