Do Llamas bite, kick or spit?

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1 Answer

Llamas only have blunted bottom teeth, which make it impossible to do any thing but nibble or pull on clothing (unless you put your finger in their mouths). Males around the age of 2-3 grow sharp fighting teeth that need to be removed, blunted, or cut to keep from injuring other Llamas in the same pasture. Llamas can kick with a sideward motion and, though it does sting, the impact of their two soft toes is nothing like the force of a horse=s hooves. Llamas do spit as a defense mechanism, at feeding time, to establish a pecking order within the herd, or to ward off an unwanted suitor. Llamas that have been severely mishandled or feels abused or threatened may occasionally spit at humans. Any incidences we have had with spitting have been because we were caught in the crossfire during feeding time or in the wrong place at the wrong time. Are Llamas affordable? Yes. Prices are dependent on the quality of each animal. Sex, age, conformation, disposition, bloodline, level of training, ...
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