Do mennonites marry outsiders?

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1 Answer

No. Even if you join the Christian Mennonite Faith that will not help you. There are possiblities to marry. If you are a man looking to marry a Mennonite woman than you are challenging something much greater than you can handle. There are many holdbacks to a Mennonite womans lifestyle which you probably already realize. However, if you are a woman looking to marry a Mennonite man you odds have somewhat increased. Generally, as a rule, Mennonite women are pretty much not permitted to associate with men once they have done their "adult baptism" except for one that they have chosen or have been chosen by that is also an "adult baptized" from their core church in the community. Men of these communities that have not been adult baptized that have not chosen a mate within the community church tend to drift off and are later shunned. The Mennonites do not embrace the idea of outsiders coming into marriage within the churches community. Really, I guess it's not entirely impossible to marry a ... more
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