Do Mormons believe that ex-Mormons will go to outer darkness?

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1 Answer

Outer darkness is reserved for Satan, his angels, and those who sin against the Holy Ghost. In order to be able to sin against the Holy Ghost, a person must first gain a sure knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel and then deny it. This has been likened to someone saying that there is no sun at noon on a clear day. A person who commits this sin would be someone who would have been party to the crucifixion of Jesus while having full knowledge that He was the Savior and the Son of God. The vast majority of us never reach this level of knowledge in this life. Therefore, most of us are incapable of sinning against the Holy Ghost. So, a person is not going to go to Outer Darkness just because he leaves the Church. If this person should then start actually preaching against the Church, then they may be getting close to the line, but that is between them and God. Only God knows if someone has actually crossed that line. *************************** Indyguy1183, No, the Gift of the Holy ...
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