Do parents sexually abuse their own children?

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1 Answer

Fact: Yes. Biological parents and parental figures perpetrate 32% to 39.7% of all sexual assaults against child victims.10 5. Are other family members responsible for a large portion of all sex crimes committed against children? Fact: Yes. 11.3% to 22.4% of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by family members other than parents. 11 • Young children are more likely than older children to be sexually abused by family members. 12 • Girls are at especially high risk of being sexually abused by their uncles. 13 6. Do adult non-relatives known to the child often commit sex crimes against children? Fact: Yes. 29.7 to 42.3% of sexual assault against children is perpetrated by adult non-relatives known to the child, such as acquaintances, babysitters, day care providers, parent's lover, clergy, teachers, scout leaders, coaches, counselors, foster parents, family friends, and others. 14 7. Is child sexual abuse most frequently committed by males? Fact: Yes. 90% to 96% of child sexual abuse is ... more
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