Do part-time workers qualify for SSP?

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1 Answer

All employees, regardless of length of service or contract, are entitled to SSP providing they qualify. For an employee to be qualify for SSP they must: - On the first day of sickness be aged between 16 and 65 (inclusive) - Have done some work for you under their contract. - Have been sick for 4 or more consecutive calendar days. - Have average weekly earnings of at least the LEL for NICs in the 8-week period prior to being off work. If the employee has worked for less than 8 weeks, then in order to qualify, their usual pay rate must be such that if they had worked for 8weeks at that earning level, their earnings would be above the LEL. For the tax year 2007/08, the weekly LEL is 82.00 Note - There is no time limit an employee has to be working for you before they become eligible for SSP. If the new employee satisfies all the conditions, SSP would be due. Note Employer / Contractor do not require medical evidence before paying SSP. If an employee satisfies all the conditions to ...
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