Do people use hotel gyms?

ItsIngenious Posted

What sets hotel gyms apart from other non-hotel gyms and what’s makes them appealing to clients?

Kate Horder

One of the main reasons why hotels have gyms is because they want to cater to guests who want to keep on their fitness routines even during their vacation or business trip. Hotels want to provide clients with a holistic experience during their stay, and part of creating that experience is providing guests with fitness and wellness facilities like gyms and spas. That said, the dynamic behind hotel gyms is quite interesting. Even during pre-pandemic times, only a quarter of hotel guests are said to be using the gym facilities.


Some hotels offer external memberships to non-guests so they too can use their gym. This proves to be an effective strategy in giving people the opportunity to experience a high-class gym experience. Hotel gyms are also a great way for customers to be familiar with the other facilities like places where they can have brunch, enjoy a spa, or even go swimming. The Beeches Hotel is one of the hotels in West Bridgford that offers these facilities and more. If you’re looking for a hotel gym, consider the one at