Do people who are sick with TB need to be Quarantined?

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1 Answer

Yes, usually, short periods of quarantine are needed to protect other people from getting infected with TB. People with TB can give TB to others by coughing in the air they breath. They are usually kept in a private room in a hospital until the infection is under control. A person with TB does not need to be quarantined for very long. Most people cannot give TB to others after they have been treated for two weeks. For this reason, TB patients are usually sent home after two weeks in the hospital. Back to Index 20. "If you have HIV, is it easier to get sick with TB?" It is much easier for people with HIV infection to get sick from TB. However, if you have HIV, your doctor can help prevent you from getting TB by performing frequent TB skin tests and treating you with INH if you test positive. Back to Index 21. "I hear that there is a new kind of TB around that is not easily treated with drugs." There is a new kind of TB called drug resistant TB that is more difficult to treat. This TB ...
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