do potbelly pigs get fleas or mites that may feed on humans, (husband)?

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Answer Pot-bellied pigs can get swine mange, caused by a tiny mite. Fortunately, these mites are species specific, in other words, they can only survive on pigs. It's possible for a mite to crawl off a pig onto a person, but that mite won't last long. Also, the only eggs that will survive are eggs laid on a pig. Eliminating mange mites requires at least two treatments two weeks apart. The first one kills all living mites. The second one kills any mites that hatched after the first treatment. In severe infestations, a third treatment may be needed. Adult pot-bellied pig skin is mostly too thick for fleas or ticks to bite, except in places like behind the ears. Baby pot-bellied pigs have soft skin that fleas and ticks can bite into. Pot-bellied pigs have bristles, not fur, and baby piglets have superfine bristles, so if there's any fleas or ticks they're easy to spot. Unfortunately, fleas and ticks are not too picky. They'll bite any animal, and fleas can lay eggs in furniture, carpet, ... more
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