Do Powders and Sweeping Logs to Eliminate Creosote Work?

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There are a number of powders and other products claiming to reduce or eliminate creosote in the chimney have been around for over twenty years. It has been shown that many of these products not only do not eliminate creosote, but some actually contain chemicals that when burned can cause damage to the chimney interior. Be wary of anything boasting all natural ingredients. In most cases this means sodium chloride (table salt) being deposited in your flue. Salt mixed with humidity and moisture spells disaster both for masonry and metal interiors of chimneys, much like salt on pavement or sidewalks in the wintertime. Recently, the CSIA granted the Chimney Sweeping Log (CSL) CSIA's Accepted Product Status. In doing so, CSIA states that: "When used according to the manufacturer's instructions, this product is accepted by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. For improved safety and home heating efficiency, CSIA recommends that all chimneys and vented appliances be inspected every year ... more
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