Do practice squad players get Super Bowl rings if their team wins the Super Bowl?

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1 Answer

Every member of the active roster and the coaching staff get rings. The entire front office and ownership get rings. Injured Reserve and practice squad get rings if their team decides to give them out to them, most do. In some cases players traded during the season will get them too, if they suited up and played during they regular season, but again it is by individual team discretion. (even though regular season trades in the NFL are rare, very rare) If team ownership wanted to give rings to the cheerleaders and other non football operations employees they could, ownership pays for the rings. The Super Bowl losers also get rings. Everyone gets the rings, players and coaches, and yes anybody who was injured or sat the bench gets rings too Every member of the winning team gets a ring, whether they played or not. Coaches do too (all of them). Cheerleaders do not get a superbowl ring. A Super Bowl ring is given to EACH member of the winning team to commemorate their Super Bowl victory. ...
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