Do robins migrate south for the winter?

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1 Answer

Yes, but not all Robins migrate for the winter. The American Robin breeds north to Alaska, across Canada, and southward to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the United States and into southern Mexico. Northern populations migrate, spending the winter in an area that includes southwestern British Columbia and the Pacific coast of the United States, the south-central United States, the east coast of the continent as far north as the south coast of Newfoundland, and Mexico, southern Texas, and the tip of Florida in the south. In winter, robins share the edge of huge Red-winged Blackbird roosts with Common Grackles and starlings and feed with Cedar Waxwings. The southern races in the eastern United States and in Mexico "do not migrate." Occasionally, when berries are abundant, "a few hardy robins winter in Quebec, Ontario, and the prairies." Migrating American Robins travel during the day. In the spring, they begin their northward movement in late February and do not arrive in any ...
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