Do some women have a genetic predisposition to flabby, sagging arms?

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Yes, if your mom has flabby arms then you may develop them as well. What causes arm cellulite and how can it be treated? Arm cellulite is usually due to a combination of fat and loose skin. There are many treatments that can reduce the appearance of cellulite, including Dermosonic and Velasmooth. While they are more commonly used on the thighs and buttocks, these treatments can also be used on other parts of the body. Are there specific lifestyle changes and exercises that can shrink arm flab? Not necessarily. The best way to shrink arm flab is to decrease the overall body fat percentage by diet and exercise and to strengthen arm muscles with weight training. What kind of procedures do you recommend for giving the triceps area more definition? Arm exercises are the best way to define triceps, but surgically, liposuction can help remove any excess fat. Another option is brachioplasty, otherwise known as the batwing procedure. This surgical treatment is aimed particularly at tightening ... more
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