Do styrofoam products contain CFC's (Chlorofluorocarbons)?

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1 Answer

A. No. None of the styrofoam products manufactured in America contain CFC's. In the production of polystyrene, emissions are carefully controlled to protect the environment. In fact, the polystyrene industry was first in the nation to voluntarily discontinue its already limited use of ozone-depleting CFC's in 1989. Q. How can polystyrene products be sold at such a low price compared to comparable paper and paperboard products? A. Foam products consume 2 to 5 times less material and energy required to produce than most competing products, thereby making them more economical while practicing good conservation methods. Q. Besides price, are there other benefits to polystyrene disposables? A. Polystyrene is sturdy, transportable, and a good insulator. It helps maintain the optimal temperature of hot and cold foods and beverages. It also helps protect consumers' hands from hot foods and beverages better than alternatives. Q. What temperature will foam products start to distort? A. ... more
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