Do surveys have Independent and dependent variables ?

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1 Answer

A survey doesn't but your hypothesis does. Hypotheses are statements of IF/THEN using variables, dependent and independent. Example: IF I increase the number of police officers in a given neighborhood THEN crime will go down. Independent Variable (or what I am changing) The number of police officers in the neighborhood Dependent Variable (what I am measuring or observing) Crime in the neighborhood. That is hypothetical but can be tested right. So if I want to test it I could use a survey to question residents as a sample population to see if my hypothesis was correct. Now with the survey Ok, we could say that they include dependent and independent variables in the survey explanation paragraph but only to the degree of trying to “measure” the outcome of what we already determined as the variables in our hypothesis. But if we said that outright our results would probably be skewed right. So if I sent out a survey to you and your neighbors and started out saying "we believe crime in ... more
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