Do the Debbie Myer's Green Bags Actually Work?

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1 Answer

Our local tv station has a weekly segment on the news called "Does It Work?" where they try out all those "as seen on tv" gadgets and they give it a "yes", "no", or "maybe". They tried it on lots of different foods and they said the bags actually worked very well and gave it a "yes." I found the green bags at Walgreens and bought a box and tried them myself on bananas, tomatoes, lettuce, fresh spinach, cucumbers and strawberries. I left the bananas on the counter in the bag and found moisture was forming inside. It seemed like maybe the bananas lasted a couple days longer than normal but I didn't see that much benefit. The other items were kept in the frig and after about a week, things looked a bit wilted and I wound up throwing most of the stuff away (like I normally do because we just don't always eat it....which is why I wanted to get the green bags, hoping the fruits & veggies would last longer and get eaten.) I think the bags probably help the foods last a few days longer so ... more
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