Do the different moon phases really affect the feeding habits of fish?

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Bill: I think moon affects every living thing including our beloved largemouth bass. Many studies have been done on the affects of the moon and on a variety of subjects from crime, birth and fertility rates to the spawning of fish. Moon signs have long been used by outdoorsmen, modern and prehistoric, to help pattern fish and game. There is little doubt there is something to the gravitational pull between the moon, the earth and its inhabitants. Fish are no different the rest of us Earthlings. According to Knight’s Solunar Table, 90 percent of all trophy fish are caught around a new moon. This is the time when it is invisible from Earth or when only a narrow crescent on the right-hand side of its surface, as seen from Earth, is visible. You also need to note periods of apogee (when the moon is the greatest distance from the earth) and perigee (when the moon is the closest to the earth). There are many lunar tables published in various magazines and newspapers. They read different ... more
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