Do we need an Operator’s Licence for recovery operations?

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1 Answer

Recovery vehicle operators do NOT require an Operator’s Licence either inside or outside the 100 Km radial when engaged in recovery operations. • At what point does recovery become haulage? Recovery becomes haulage when a vehicle is no longer disabled and unable to move by itself and is being carried for hire and reward. • If we transport vehicles do we need an “O” Licence? If you transport a vehicle that is legally able to move under its own power then that is called hire and reward, and you do need an Operator’s Licence. • When do I have to fit a digital tachograph? With effect 1st May 2006 all new vehicles are automatically fitted with a digital tachograph. As vehicles are replaced they will automatically have the digital tacho installed. In the mean time the analogue tacho may be used. If a digital tacho is installed the Company must obtain a “Company Card” from the DVLA to allow information to be downloaded from the tacho, and every driver must have a personal “Driver’s Smart ... more
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