Do yeast infections on the skin smell?

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1 Answer

People may be concerned about a possible smell from a yeast infection. This is sometimes a possibility in the genital area while in some cases, you may detect a slight cheese scent from a yeast infection on the skin. If a person knows what yeast smells like, then this may be a good sign that there is a yeast infection and not just normal body odors. Yeast infections are made worse when people sweat and it is very common for the infection to become more noticeable to a person when they become larger or obese. Yeast needs heat and moisture from the body to grow and sweating provides this environment. Conclusion of yeast infections of the skin Therefore, to find out if there is a yeast infection in the body, look for these signs: an open wound or cut which yeast can enter; obesity with folds of skin that can harbor yeast due to sweat and moisture; red and inflamed areas which may have an odd smell that is not normal; and skin which becomes blistered or dry and cracked. All these ... more
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